Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Favorite Cupcake Things

I must be going through a cupcake phase, I can't get cupcakes off my mind! How cute would it be to have a cupcake themed Bridal Shower or Bachlorette Party! Here are some of the products I've fallen in love with! I'll keep adding cute stuff when I come across it.


Picture from anapaulaoli

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Personalized Lunch Boxes

I had a spa day for my bachlorette day where I made little gift bags for all the girls. I just put all the stuff in pink paper bags, but a personalized lunch box would have been sooo much cooler. When I was a kid lunch boxes were still a big deal so I get nostalgic every time I see them. You could stuff all kinds of cute gifts in their for the girls!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Invitation Blog Part 1 - Invitations on Etsy

I'm a classically trained fine artist with skills in graphic design and illustration, therefore I'm really picky when it comes to any design and I have a high appreciation for well design art and products. Here's my picks for cute wedding invitations on Etsy.

Etsy has a massive collection of people selling wedding invitations and mostly for a real steal. Handmade invitations can run from at least $10 a card.
My all-time-favorite store is Enfin, La Voila!, with absolutely charming cards that range from $4.5o to $6.00 with animal and nature themes. Had I seen these when I married, I might have changed the whole theme of my wedding!

At Dear Emma Stationary I found more nature themed cards but these have more of a 50's vibe to them. What I like about this bird set is that you can have the invitations match all the paper goods for the wedding day - including the table number! This is super helpful because you can get everything in one place.

For those of you who like modern and simple designs, you can visit Stelie Designs. What I like about these bird cards is that they are not so traditional or ornate like most wedding invitations - yet they are still very sweet.

At Just Ink on Paper, they have this sophisticated accordion fold invitation which has a very nice and simple designed. What I love about this is that is give you plenty of room to put information.

Cupcake bag

I don't know why I'm soo into retro cupcake patterns these days! This cupcake bag from LuckyFindDesigns would be perfect for any bridal shower gift, you can also fill it up with anything naughty! Right now they are 25% off for Black Friday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Custom Wedding Map

I'm currently researching for a massive invitation blog, but in the mean time I came across this Etsy shop that will make customized wedding maps. I've seen several on Etsy, but this is definitely the better designed map. For your DIY version of a map, those of you who have photoshop, illustrator or drawing skills can make your own and print them on your computer or at Kinkos. For those of you with no artistic abilities, you can get Adobe Photoshop Elements 7
and buy clip art at for min $1 a piece and assemble a map that way.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adorable Bridal Shower Gift

Jessie Steele makes the cutest retro aprons I've ever seen! If I could have one of each my life might be complete. Yet I have none so I share with you. My favorite is the cupcake apron and matching oven mitt. Any DIY Bride would love one of these for her bridal shower.
I found them on Amazon for pretty cheap, typically the apron goes for $40-$45 in online boutiques.

Original Cake Toppers

When I was getting married I had a hard time finding cake toppers I liked. Most of them were cheesy and except for some unsuccessful bidding on 50's ceramic cake toppers on ebay, I wasn't finding anything I liked. In fact I never found one.
2 years after the wedding I found this bird cake topper on a Etsy shop called Rain's End and thought they are soo original and adorable!

Another Etsy shop called Bunny with a Tool Belt have these unique little elephants designed by an Oregon artist named Hilary Pfeifer. These could really enhance a simply-designed cake.
My most favorite cake topper out of the bunch (of course being the most expensive) is from the Etsy shop by Jennifer Murphy who does these darling little rabbits and birds.

This has inspired me to come up with some more original cake toppers, more on that later!