Friday, January 23, 2009

Bringing Your Loved One's Down the Isle

There are many times when loved one's can't make it to the wedding. Sometimes it's money, distance, circumstances or a passing. I love the idea of honoring those important to you, while walking down the isle, by wearing them in a locket around your neck.

With Stacey Samuels love for antiques, she founded Vintage Rehab in February 2008. Not only does she sell her own designs and lockets, but she can recycle family heirlooms into renewed and stylish jewelry! How awesome is it to take your out-of-fashion, precious heirlooms, and turn them into something you can wear now. By recycling old treasures, Vintage Rehab is also an environmentally low impact business! I do love Green!

Vintage Rehab is having a 25% off jewerly sale for Valentines Day, check it out!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DIY Gift Box


I think the nicest gifts you can give someone are handmade. Really, instead of the sugar -coated almonds or little chachke you decided on in a panic, how nice would it be for your guests to give them something lovely, from the heart? Here, I've made a Dragonfly Box that is a great gift by itself or you can fill it up with your favorite treat! I will walk you through how I did it:


What you need: (I purchased everything at Michael's)

1. Small Box
2. Ornamental Dragonfly or Butterfly
3. Ribbon (Martha Stewart has some nice ones!)
4. Glass Beads
5. Glitter

1. Twist the included wire (on bottom of the insect) in the shape of a flat circle and glue to lid of box.

2. Cut enough ribbon to fit over lid of box. Trace the length of the ribbon with a small stream of glue and attach it to lid.

3. Put small dabs of glue inside lid and wrap ribbon so that the ends of the ribbon curl around the lip of the lid. Cut excess ribbon to look tidy. Let dry.

4. Put lid on box and use a pencil to trace where the ribbon will go on box. Cut and glue ribbon around the box to match up with markings so that the ribbon looks like it's wrapped around the whole box (when lid is on).

5. Put a spot of glue on the center of the lid and add beads to it. Then put more glue around beads and add glitter, carefully shaking off any excess.

You can place your new gift box directly on top of place settings, which can add another decorative element to your tables!
xoxo Siena

p.s. Feel free to contact me. If you want to try to make something or need an idea, let me know... I'll help you out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My cool isABelt

I never wear belts, because they do that square thing to your waist, so yes, I suffer from plumbers butt. Also, my weight fluctuates so much I have fat-day pants and not-so-fat-day pants. I discovered this handy belt called isABelt. I just love it because it wears flush to your waist, invisible under your shirt, can accommodate any weight gain and loss and go with any outfit!

What got me even more excited is that it's a women owned business, owned by three lovely ladies, Lori, Elise and Leslie Wilkins. AND they have a breast cancer belt we're they donate part of the proceeds to help the cure! I love supporting good causes!I know that when I was gathering goodies for my Bachlorette Spa Day, I had trouble finding things to put in my girls goody-bags. I would have loved to give them these cute breast cancer belts and support a good cause in the process. It would have been a present they would have actually used instead of the useless shower cap I got them.

isABelt has belts for every sized woman and one for men called hisABelt. *
Here I am enjoying my isABelt... which I wear all the time!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Random but possibly really useful!

It didn't occur to me that this could possibly be an issue for a bride-to-be, until, I went hiking in Eaton Canyon and got poison oak on my arms. It itches like crazy and looks hideous! I though: "My goodness, what if this happened to someone right before their wedding day?!" It makes sense right?! Hiking is such a good way to get in shape. Anywho I did the basic Calamine Lotion on my arms and it helped some, but, it just wasn't fast enough. I've had poison oak plenty of times and tried antihistamines and all that good stuff, and still, I remember it taking FOREVER to go away. I had just bought some ORIGINS Oil Refiner Skin Purifying Tonic and out of desperation I tried it, rubbing vigorously on my arms, and then applying the Calamine lotion. Immediately the itching went away, and the next day the rash was significantly better. I only do it twice a day, and I've never had poison oak go away so fast! I imagine if I was really diligent about applying it, the poison oak would have been gone in a few days!
Thought I'd share my little discovery! xoxo