Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Original Cake Toppers

When I was getting married I had a hard time finding cake toppers I liked. Most of them were cheesy and except for some unsuccessful bidding on 50's ceramic cake toppers on ebay, I wasn't finding anything I liked. In fact I never found one.
2 years after the wedding I found this bird cake topper on a Etsy shop called Rain's End and thought they are soo original and adorable!

Another Etsy shop called Bunny with a Tool Belt have these unique little elephants designed by an Oregon artist named Hilary Pfeifer. These could really enhance a simply-designed cake.
My most favorite cake topper out of the bunch (of course being the most expensive) is from the Etsy shop by Jennifer Murphy who does these darling little rabbits and birds.

This has inspired me to come up with some more original cake toppers, more on that later!


Jonara Blu Maui said...

These cake toppers are so cute! I love the top birdies w/ the long legs! And elephants lol! Actually those would have worked for my brothers wedding..he has always loved elephants..has an elephant tatoo even..though I don't know if his bride/now wife..would have agreed to have elephants on her cake..has to be a mutual attraction I would think lol!

Looking forward to seeing more of your cool picks!

Heidi@Truly Engaging said...

I love the bird toppers as well. Just linked to an etsy store w/ adorable lovebirds...

Sherisa of L'élephant Rose said...

As you can see, I simply ADORE elephants (hence, my name)!!! I love love love the little elephants.

Hmm I wonder if my fiance would go for a duck/elephant topper. He's obsessed with ducks.

:) that's the best topper I've seen thus far! Awesomeness

Miss Gator said...

Bunnywithatoolbelt made my Fiance and I custom cake toppers. They were awesome and she was so great to work with. Check them out here:

Anonymous said...

i love love the birdie cake toppers! now to find the right cake to go with it...have been looking here at this wedding cakes gallery, hopefully one will pop out to me soon. :)